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The Name

Ornate (latin): To Embody Elegance

Ornate was made to give the everyday stylish, classy and timeless girl a chance to easily find elegant ready to wear clothing. We design for your comfort, we create for your sense of fashion and we thrive for your satisfaction.

To be part of our family is first, an honor to us. But more importantly, it's you being part of our vow to always serve you with elegance.  

Fashion Design Models

Sustainable Fashion

Here at Ornate we care not only about the beauty of the clothing but the beauty of the motivation behind it. We aim to be a fully sustainable brand.

Our packaging all the way from the boxes to the stickers we use are all; reusable, recyclable and compostable. 

Our fabrics are all made from recycled matters from all over the world.


Aim for a better and more sustainable world by shopping at Ornate.